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The 1923 Do-It-Yourself Homes Back in the Day

The awaited moment had arrived. Dad gathered Mom and Sis and hopped in the wagon with his brothers to the railroad station. They welcomed the first shipment of their family’s brand-new DIY home. All the lumber was precut and arrived with instructions for dad and uncles to assemble and build their new home. Mom and Dad picked out the Do-It-Yourself home: the Osborne Model from Sears, Roebuck, and Company’s catalog. It had three bedrooms plus a front porch and an interior bath; no outhouse. In just a few days, the home was erected, and soon after, the whole family slept under the roof of their DIY custom-made Sears Modern Home.

The Sears Catalog provided choices for all the other elements that make a house a home: windows, doors, cabinets, mirrors, siding, roofing material, wiring, plumbing supplies, and more. The 1600-page Sears Catalog, the home improvement retailers of 100 years ago, shipped their orders to the front door of their new home.

More than 72,000 DIY custom homes were erected during the first half of the 1900s. Over 350 Do-It-Yourself home models and many more still stand proud today.

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