Our engineered DIY and Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) plans are produced by our design teams working in 4 time zones to accelerate successful outcomes. Plans are launched in one time zone and moved to other time zones in order to achieve 24 hours of productivity each and every day. It is the carefully evolved and integrated specifications that assure the reliable on-site assembly of each and every plan. If you have your own plan, we can convert it into metal framing. Simply submit your plan to us. What if you do not have a plan but have an idea? Use our NapkinCAD solution with easy-to-follow steps to create your plan, then submit your idea, enabling us to bring your idea to fruition.

While lumber has long been the dominant material for house framing, cold-formed steel (CFS) framing provides a better option for cost savings and durability for Do-It-Yourself framing kits. Metal frames, joists, and trusses have gained a reputation for reducing construction time and costs for mid-rise structures. Metal framing brings the same benefits to a single-family home, shed, ADU, garage, tiny home, or garden house, as well as numerous other options.

Unlike wood, steel does not warp, expand, or burn; the walls are perfectly straight. Instead of hammers and nails, lightweight steel frame construction means working with screws and torque-regulated screw guns. Instead of installing utilities by drilling through wood, FrameUpNow DIY kit home panels are pre-punched to accommodate electricity and plumbing. Families, with maybe a little help from friends, can erect the frame of their home in only a few days.

FrameUpNow manufactures CFS framing to conform to your engineered metal house frame plans or choose from one of our DIY metal home skeletons. CFS skeleton parts are made from structural quality sheet steel that is formed into C-sections and other shapes by roll-forming the steel through a series of dies. No heat is required to form the shapes (unlike hot-rolled steel). FrameUpNow DIY framing packages are lighter than other framing materials. In most cases, no lifting equipment is required, and with lightweight steel frame trusses, one person can easily carry an 8-foot-wide fabricated panel, resulting in no need to find a residential house framer near you, you can DIY FrameUpNow homes yourself. Frame components, panels, and trusses can be delivered, ready for erection, or shipped to the job site for assembly. Metal framing without welding…fully framed homes appear in days, NOT weeks.

The plan you choose represents the skeleton of your structure. Your FrameUpNow plan will be complete with a universally accepted engineering stamp. To secure building permits, you will likely need to include a site and foundation plan plus additional details specific to your taste and area prior to submitting the plan package to your local building department. Details required locally may include state-specific engineered stamped drawings for the site plan, foundation, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing,) and energy compliance documents.

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