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Your Budget-Friendly Steel Frame Home Kits and Design Solutions

Streamline your design and construction process with our modern steel framing house kit solutions.

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Redefining Home Construction with Steel Framing

Faster construction times

Strong and durable


Easy to assemble



FrameUpNow manufactures precision-engineered steel frame home kits and home design solutions, offering a wide catalog of structures ranging from small workshops/garages to large Barndominiums exceeding 5,000 square feet. Our innovative use of cold-formed steel (CFS) skeleton parts, made from structural quality sheet steel, streamlines construction processes and ensures quick and efficient assembly without the need for welding, helping homeowners like you save time and money!

Our Steel Framing Solutions



FrameUpNow's automated steel frame house kits integrate seamlessly with FrameCAD manufacturing solutions, providing production builders with end-to-end cold-formed steel (CFS) framing solutions for higher efficiency and profitability.



Our DIY metal frame home kits feature lightweight steel framing, making assembly easy and hassle-free without the need for lifting equipment. Choose your preferred metal frame house plan model and add fun to the construction process, with your fully framed homes arriving in days, NOT weeks.



With NapkinCAD® technology, we seamlessly transform your sketches into fully engineered custom cold-form steel skeletons, allowing you to erect the frame and customize your dream home's interior and exterior according to your preferences.

Your Quick Guide to
Constructing a Steel Frame

Tools and Equipment Needed
Site Preparation
Laying out the Snaplines
Delivery of Your FrameUpNow Skeleton
Invite Your Friends
Installation of Wall Panels
Cross Bracing
Installing Trusses

DIY Plans Tailor-Made for Your Vision

Our collection of DIY metal frame house plans offers a range of options, from small workshops to spacious Barndominiums.

Hear It From Our Owners

Your Comprehensive Guide to Steel Frame Homes

Learn more about ADUs, DIY essentials, and FrameUpNow's Tiny Home collections!

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