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Why are DIY Home Kits made from metal popular?

September 19, 2023

By doing as much as possible themselves and getting their friends and family involved, the owner-builder can save a considerable amount of money

At the same time, the owners have the flexibility to adapt the home to suit their needs without unnecessary variation costs normally associated with project-built houses.

Normally cold formed steel structures are used for commercial use.

Why are DIY Home Kits made from metal popular?

Times have changed and FrameUpNow has engineered hundreds of homes for the Do-It-Yourself home builder. Panels and trusses are preciously engineered to fit perfectly. The FrameUpNow homes can be erected in days not months.

What about smaller structures like a cottage or cabin?

Why are DIY Home Kits made from metal popular?

FrameUpNow produces a 16’*24’ architecturally designed product to provide extra space outside of your home for personal use. This DIY system and Pre-assembled Framing Kit is designed for easy assembly on your own concrete slab.